Certified PROFIBUS Installer Course

An internationally accredited one-day course covering the layout and installation of PROFIBUS Networks.

Want to ensure reliable and trouble-free PROFIBUS installation?

Then make sure that your engineering team is fully qualified by attending the Certified PROFIBUS Installer Course. The course has become an accepted basic standard for many industries. For example most water and waste water treatment companies in the UK and elsewhere now insist that anyone involved with PROFIBUS technology is trained to at least the Certified Installer level.

CPIC Training in BrazilPerhaps confusingly, the course is not just for installers, but provides essential information for anyone who is involved with PROFIBUS at a technical level: designers, commissioning engineers, maintenance technicians and of course installers. The course also provides an essential pre-requisite to more advanced training like the PROFIBUS Commissioning and Maintenance Course or the Certified PROFIBUS Engineer Course.

The Certified PROFIBUS Installer Course is a one-day course that teaches the layout, installation and testing of complete PROFIBUS networks. The course was developed by Andy Verwer whilst at Manchester Metropolitan University in 2001 in response to the immediate requirements of the automation and control industry. The course is accredited by PROFIBUS International and is now recognised across the world as the best introductory course in PROFIBUS technology. The course is continually being updated to reflect the latest standards tools and techniques.

The course provides a practical, hands-on approach to fieldbus network layout and installation and covers the essential requirements for a successful and maintainable PROFIBUS network. Examples and case study materials are used to highlight the many common, but potentially very costly, pitfalls and mistakes that are made in working PROFIBUS installations.

Certified PROFIBUS Installer logoThe course content is defined in the PROFIBUS International Learning Outcomes document and incorporates fully accredited theory and practical tests. The course is recognised across the world as the standard in PROFIBUS installation training.

Why bother with Certified Installation training?

Fieldbus, and particularly PROFIBUS, provides reliable and cost-effective technology for a wide range of instrumentation and control equipment used in manufacturing, storage, building and process industries. However, fieldbus installation is fundamentally different from other types of electrical installation because it uses high-speed digital communications. It is a well-documented fact that most of the faults that we find in fieldbus installations are caused by simple errors in layout and installation. With certified training, such problems can be avoided at the outset, rather than after the installation is complete, when correction may require expensive re-routing or re-wiring.

Wrong cable used on PROFIBUS

An example of wrong cable being used for a PROFIBUS DP system
An expensive error, when you realise that 500m of cable must be ripped out and replaced!

The Certified PROFIBUS Installer Course gives a widely recognised and valued qualification that confirms the competence of trainees in the layout and installation of PROFIBUS DP and PA networks.

What does the course cover?

The course starts with the basics of PROFIBUS DP and PA transmission technologies, including RS485, MBP and fibre optics. The course then goes on to cover in detail:

  • Basic PROFIBUS DP and PA network technology, station types and addressing, network configuration and start-up.
  • Causes, effects and avoidance of transmission-line reflections and the importance of correct line-termination.
  • Network and segment size and layout limitations and the effect of transmission rate.
  • Common wiring and layout pitfalls, modern cable and connector systems.
  • Considerations for network maintenance and commissioning.
  • Correct use of repeaters, couplers, link modules and fibre-optic segments.
  • Wiring and installation testing and the use of bus test tools.
  • Interference pickup (EMC), cable routing and earthing considerations.
  • Earth potential problems and their avoidance.

A practical approach to the layout of PROFIBUS networks is used to show how to apply the basic rules to design real factory and plant layouts. Topics such as connection technologies, cable and network testing are covered using a hands-on approach with up-to-date equipment.

Practical and multiple-choice theory tests at the end of the course ensure that the attendees understand the material and are competent in wiring and testing PROFIBUS networks. Successful candidates will be awarded Certified PROFIBUS Installer status and can elect to have their name and company affiliation listed on the profibus.com web site.

Can the course be delivered on-site?

CPIC Training at MasterfoodsThe course is available for on-site training for up to 12 people and is often combined with the PROFIBUS Commissioning and Maintenance course or the Certified PROFIBUS Engineer Course. We can even arrange for the trained team to carry out a half-day on-plant network health check using the training kits. This makes a cost-effective solution for companies who want their whole installation/ maintenance teams trained and certified.

The Certified PROFIBUS Installer Course has been widely accepted as a recognised qualification across the world. The course has been delivered overseas by Andy Verwer on many occasions. For example, Australia, South Africa USA, Czech Republic, Brazil, China, Singapore and elsewhere.

See downloads for printable course leaflet and PI Learning Outcomes document. Email Enquiries@VerwerTraining.com for prices and further information.