Verwer Training & Consultancy Ltd can deliver standard or customised training covering PROFIBUS, AS-i, Three-term (PID) controller tuning and implementation and open PLC programming systems based on IEC61131-3. We provide regular training sessions at Endress+Hauser’s training centre in Manchester.

All our training can also be delivered on-site at your company’s premises. Here the training can often be customised to meet the exact requirements of the customer. We can also incorporate hands-on sessions where trainees carry out a supervised health check or diagnostic check on the plant. Such on-plant activities really help to build the confidence of the trainees in using diagnostic and test tools in a real environment

All our training incorporates extensive hands-on activities, real examples (both good and bad) and extensive case studies taken from industry. Every two trainees share a set of training equipment. Depending on the level and branch of training you will also share a laptop computer and learn to set up, test and fault-find in a real network and/or control system and thus learn by doing.

Some of the comments that have been received from people who have attended training courses include:

“This course was definitely the best training that I have ever received in over 20 years in the industry.”

“I was really surprised at how much I learned in a day of training. I can’t wait to do the advanced course.”

“Excellent course; Andy really knows his stuff and can deliver the material in an interesting and practical way”.

Certified PROFIBUS Installer course

An internationally accredited one-day course covering the layout and installation of PROFIBUS Networks. An introductory but essential training suitable for anyone who is involved in PROFIBUS technology; i.e. designers, installers, commissioning and maintenance engineers. Even experienced engineers will gain a lot from attending this course.

PROFIBUS Commissioning and Maintenance Course

A one-day course designed as an add-on to the Certified PROFIBUS Installer course covering the practical techniques of commissioning, fault finding and health-checking on “operational” PROFIBUS networks. Covers the proper use of ProfiTrace Ultra (including ProfiTrace 2, ProfiCaptain and The built-in oscilloscope) on DP & PA systems. Please note that the Certified PROFIBUS Installer course is an essential pre-requisite to attending this course.

Certified PROFIBUS Engineer course

An internationally accredited, in-depth course covering PROFIBUS Network operation, design, commissioning and live fault-finding. An intensive 3½-day training course covering DP and PA technology including DPV-1. Please note that the Certified PROFIBUS Installer course is an essential pre-requisite to attending this course.

 AS-i Commissioning & Maintenance course

A one-day course designed as an add-on to the PROFIBUS Commissioning & Maintenance course covering Actuator Sensor-interface sub networks and gateways.

Certified PROFIBUS System Design course

A 2½-day add-on to the Certified PROFIBUS Installer course for anyone dealing with the design, specification or procurement of modern automation and control systems at the engineering or technical level. The course is also suitable for device manufacturers, system integrators and technical sales/marketing people who want to know the best way to put systems together.

Three-Term (PID) Controller training courses

Staged training courses covering the application, operation, tuning and implementation of three-term or PID (Proportional+Integral+Derivative) controllers.

See downloads for printable course leaflets, on-site training room requirements and legal statements and conditions for training.