Verwer Training & Consultancy Ltd can deliver standard or customised training covering modern fieldbus and Industrial Ethernet technologies (PROFIBUS, PROFINET, AS-i) and open PLC programming systems based on IEC61131-3. Training is typically provided at various locations around the country chosen for ease of access and demand.

All our training can also be delivered on-site at your company’s premises. In the later case the training can often be customised to meet the exact requirements of the customer. We can also incorporate hands-on sessions where trainees carry out a supervised health check or diagnostic check on the plant. Such on-plant activities really help to build the confidence of the trainees in using diagnostic and test tools in a real environment

All our training incorporates extensive hands-on activities, examples (both good and bad) and extensive case studies taken from industry. Every two trainees share a set of training equipment. Depending on the level and branch of training you will also share a laptop computer and learn to set up, test and fault-find in a real network and/or control system and thus learn by doing.

Some of the comments that have been received from people who have attended training courses include:

“This course was definitely the best training that I have ever received in over 20 years in the industry.”

“I was really surprised at how much I learned in a day of training. I can’t wait to do the advanced course.”

“Excellent course; Andy really knows his stuff and can deliver the material in an interesting and practical way”.

Certified PROFIBUS Installer course

An internationally accredited one-day course covering the layout and installation of PROFIBUS Networks. An introductory but essential training suitable for anyone who is involved in PROFIBUS technology; i.e. designers, installers, commissioning and maintenance engineers. Even experienced engineers will gain a lot from attending this course.

PROFIBUS Commissioning and Maintenance Course

A one-day course designed as an add-on to the Certified PROFIBUS Installer Course covering the practical techniques of commissioning, fault finding and health-checking on “operational” PROFIBUS networks. Covers the proper use of ProfiTrace Ultra (including ProfiTrace 2, ProfiCaptain and The built-in oscilloscope) on DP & PA systems. Please note that the Certified PROFIBUS Installer course is an essential pre-requisite to attending this course.

Certified PROFIBUS Engineer course

An internationally accredited, in-depth course covering PROFIBUS Network operation, design, commissioning and live fault-finding. An intensive 3½-day training course covering DP and PA technology including DPV-1. Please note that the Certified PROFIBUS Installer course is an essential pre-requisite to attending this course.

See downloads for Training &Consultancy price list, on-site training room requirements and legal statements and conditions for training.