Tap Connector DB9-M12
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M12 Tap ConnectorThe Tap Connector DB9-M12 is a utility to connect ProfiTrace to a DP network which is equipped with M12 connectors.

It has been designed not to cause network disturbances due to spur lines. The cable is of the flexible type so it can be moved to all directions.

It has a 180 degrees DB9 connector and B-coded male and female M12 connectors to enable universal use. This utility can also be used as a general gender changer from DB9 to M12.

Product features

  • Cable lengths: 12.5 cm
  • M12 connectors: B-coded (male and female)
  • Shielding: 1-on-1 on every connector
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Tap Connector DB9-M12  Contact us 101-00052B
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