PA Probe Ultra

PA Oscilloscope functionality

PA Probe Ultra

Using the PA Probe Ultra ProfiTrace is able to do electrical measurements on Manchester Bus Powered (MBP) PA segments. Oscilloscope functionality for PROFIBUS PA has been integrated in the PA Probe for use with ProfiTrace Ultra. This is the only tool in the world that is able to be deployed in the entire PROFIBUS plant.

Using ProfiTrace in conjunction with the PA probe allows you to health-check and fault-find the whole plant or installation. In the past an external oscilloscope was required when measuring PROFIBUS PA installations. But with the new PA Probe Ultra the PA signal can be seen directly on the ProfiTrace ScopeWare screen in the same way as with DP.

Animated 'scope traces with PA probe ultra

ProfiTrace scope trace showing PA signal from PA probe

The Verwer Training & Consultancy Ltd PROFIBUS Commissioning & Maintenance course covers the use of the PA probe and show how MBP wiring can be checked using ProfiTrace Ultra.