Handheld PROFINET Cable Tester
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PROFINET Handheld testerPN1, the first handheld PROFINET cable tester is an essential tool to verify the condition of the PROFINET cable after assembly and installation.

It is a robust tester which has been especially designed for PROFINET and suitable for industrial environments. With just 1 key-press the test result is directly displayed and continuously updated.

If a cable did not pass the test, it will clearly indicate what the problem is and which wires/pins are affected. This product does not require special skills. It is easy to use and gives the technician quick and understandable feedback about the quality of the wiring. It can also be utilized on all other Ethernet networks with 4-wire and 8-wire shielded cables.

This outstanding tool that fits in your pocket will boost the efficiency of installers and maintenance technicians.

Product features

  • Suitable for 4- and 8-wire PROFINET and regular Ethernet cables
    (CAT6, CAT-5E, CAT-5, CAT-4, CAT-3).
  • Suitable for straight and 90°, metal or plastic PROFINET plugs.
  • Tests cable shielding!
  • Detects short circuits, wire breaks, swaps, miswiring and split pairs.
  • Large LCD clearly indicates the test results.
  • 150 hours on one 9 V battery.
  • Operating temperature: 0 to 50 °C.
  • Just 1-key-press to start continuous testing.
  • It can also test telephone and coax cable.
PRODUCT Price Order code Remarks
PROFINET Cable tester  Contact us 514-00011A
Set of 7 remote units  Contact us 514-00021A Option if more cables have to be tested at the same time.
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