RS 485 SCOPE Repeater
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RS 485 SCOPE Repeater1-Channel RS 485 PROFIBUS diagnostic repeater module with integrated quality-oscilloscope for 12 Mbit/s with diagnostic LEDs and redundancy feature. Bus connection is utilized by screw terminals and additional DB9 connector.

The repeater channel and the integrated oscilloscope are directly connected with the ProfiTrace OE core in the 1B/1C Head Station. Scope images and busmonitor data are directly available in the web server.

The advanced 12 Mbit/s core of the repeater module can be cascaded unlimitedly and has increased RS 485 strength. The data traffic is constantly monitored for glitches which are digitally filtered out. It has on-board switchable termination and able to drive 31 devices.

COMbricks scope application

Product features

Electrical and Mechanical

  • 1 Bus channel
  • 31 devices/bus-loads per channel
  • 1200 m cable length (depends on baud rate)
  • No limit in cascading
  • Termination switch
  • Removable screw terminals and 1 DB9 connector


  • Frequency: 192 MSamples/s
  • Resolution: 50 mV
  • Differential range: -6.436 to 6.436 V


  • Transparent for all PROFIBUS protocols
  • 9.6 kbit/s – 12 Mbit/s (auto detection)
  • 2 bits delay time (12 bits in redundant mode)
  • No address required
  • Bus redundancy (selectable)

Web server

  • Oscilloscope images of connected devices (diff.)
  • Last, Min, Max bus signals
  • Bar graph of connected devices
  • Email on telegram errors and low bus signals


  • 4 Networks selectable with switches
  • 10 Modules (positioned in the first 10 slots)
  • 500 mA current consumption


  • Operating temperature: 0 to 60 °C
  • Dimensions: 140 x 110 x 25 mm
  • Weight: 120 g
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 SCOPE Repeater  Contact us 101-201210  Includes: backplane unit, screw terminal connectors, grounding clips
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