PROFINET module PND001
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PROFINET IO ModuleThe COMbricks PROFINET Device enables the largest multiple cross gateway between other PROFINET and PROFIBUS modules which are placed in the backplane. Simultaneously, the PLC/DCS system that has the PROFINET Device in Data Exchange can access inserted I/O modules.

It’s the component of choice to establish communication between multiple PROFINET and PROFIBUS controllers that manage their own specific network. The gateway works the same way as regular DP/DP and PN/DP couplers. The data area between the modules is customized with the help of some pre-defined blocks from the GSD files. COMbricks has the advantage that 10 PROFINET / PROFIBUS modules can exchange information.

The configuration steps are the same as any other PROFINET device. By means of the GSD file the respective I/O modules have to be selected in the configuration tool, after which the PLC can make the I/Os available for the software application and the network.

Application areas

  • Coupling small machines.
  • Linking networks with different controllers.
  • Coupling PROFINET to PROFIBUS.
  • Coupling PROFIsafe networks to regular networks.
  • Migration from old control systems to new control systems.
  • Quasi master-master communication.
  • Virus / Hacker free PROFINET separator.

PROFINET IO Module Application

Product features


  • Version 2.25 – Conformance class B
  • Certification number: ZZ10500
  • Ident Number: 0x4000 – 0x0001
  • 1 ms Cycletime at 128 I/O bytes
  • 1024 Bytes input and 1024 bytes output (204 Bytes per module)
  • DeviceName by DCP or hardware rotary switch


  • 10/100 Mbps (100BaseTX, 10BaseT)
  • Supported protocols: RT_CLASS_1, RTA, UDP, DCP, ARP, LLDP, SNMP (MIB II)

Connectors and cabling

  • 2 Ports switch (RJ 45)
  • 100 m cable length per switch port
  • Auto detect, Auto cross-over, Auto polarity


  • Not connected to the PB networks
  • 10 Modules (positioned in the first 10 slots)
  • 410 mA current consumption


  • Operating temperature: 0 to 60 °C
  • Dimensions: 140 x 110 x 25 mm
  • Weight: 111 g

PROFINET IO Module Application 2

PRODUCT Price Order code Remarks
PROFINET PND-001 module  Contact us 101-220110 Includes: Backplane unit


When this is the only communication module in the backplane, we recommend a Head Station 1A, because ProfiTrace is not used.

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