COMbricks™ – The first PROFIBUS and PROFINET-based automation system that unites network components, permanent monitoring with ProfiTrace and remote I/O.

COMbricks 3D image

COMbricks is a modular device that is designed to be permanently installed in your automation system. COMbricks provides:

  1. Connectivity and functionality for PROFIBUS DP, PA, Intrinsically Safe RS485 segments, Fibre optic segments, PROFINET and even Foundation Fieldbus. Allowing the flexible implementation of repeaters, hubs, couplers and gateways in one compact unit.
  2. 24/7 network monitoring using built-in ProfiTrace functionality allowing up to four different networks with up to 20 segments to be simultaneously monitored from one unit. The monitoring functions can be accessed over standard Ethernet using a standard web browser. Giving:
    • remote monitoring of network performance and quality,
    • automatic notification of faults that occur on the networks,
    • pre-warning of performance degradation and impending failure,
    • OPC functionality built in allowing network monitoring to be easily integrated into SCADA and HMI systems.
  3. Remote control functionality with digital IO controlled remotely over PROFIBUS or Ethernet, or controlled from the ProfiTrace network monitor.
  4. Remote engineering access to your networked devices using the in-built commDTM software which can be used with modern FDT asset management and engineering tools such as Endress+Hauser’s FieldCare, ABB’s Asset Vision or PactWare etc.

COMbricks application

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Product features

  • Drives 32 modules (10 repeater modules),
  • Wide range of modules available,
  • Powerful web server,
  • ProfiTrace OE for monitoring and scoping 4 networks,
  • Hot swap and extendible,
  • DIN-rail mounting,
  • IP 20 rated.

ProfiTrace OE – Remote monitoring in a web browser

Animated COMbricks screen shots

Web browser screens

COMbricks provides the powerful feature of permanent and simultaneous monitoring of up to 4 PROFIBUS networks. Monitoring includes ProfiTrace functions such as live list, statistics waveform visualisation and bargraph all accessible remotely via a standard web browser. Remote sites, global projects and a shortage of qualified technical staff are causing significant capacity problems. COMbricks offers a solution by remotely monitoring PROFIBUS installations over the Internet and alerting the user by email.

The monitoring and logging is performed by the repeater modules which are inserted in the backplane. COMbricks is the first system that has integrated the busmonitor and oscilloscope in the network components. Deploying COMbricks repeaters for regular automation means an automatic availability of ProfiTrace OE.

No-Software-LogoCOMbricks does not require special software. A web server with a ProfiTrace shell visualises information in an understandable format (ProfiTrace OE). Because of the web browser, additional software is NOT required and a constant connection with a PC to the COMbricks is NOT necessary.

E-mail messages provide real-time alerts should malfunctions be detected in the PROFIBUS installation. These can be easily set up through the web server.

A brand new functionality within COMbricks is the device location detection. It gives a detailed overview of all segments and the connected devices.

COMbricks scope application small

Typical applications

  • Cross border installations Traffic control installations
  • Inaccessible installations Water treatment
  • Long commissioning and test cycles Offshore installations
  • High availability networks 24-7 service contracts
  • Robot cells

Modular PROFIBUS repeaters

The current trend with PROFIBUS projects is to use segmentation with repeaters, fibre optic segments and ProfiHubs to segregate segments and thus isolate problems caused by connector/wiring deterioration and pickup/EMC problems. COMbricks allows the creation of modular repeaters and hubs with any number of channels (up to 20). Further, every channel is monitored by the built-in ProfiTrace, accessible over Ethernet.

COMbricks repeaters

COMbricks repeater options

COMbricks is based on a backplane into which 10 hot swappable repeater modules, each with 1 or 2 channels, can be inserted (giving up to 20 galvanically isolated transparent segments). Every channel can handle 31 devices and maximum 1200 m cable length (depends on the baudrate).

The bus redundancy technology of the repeater modules is very advanced. A redundant system with up to 10 parallel network cables can be built. This architecture provides extremely high availability. Most suppliers only allow 2 cables.

COMbricks PROFIBUS redundancy

COMbricks PROFIBUS redundancy

Typical applications

  • Repeaters with permanent ProfiTrace Removable drives and motors,
  • Star, tree and bus structured networks Motor control centres,
  • Redundancy for high availability EMC vulnerable applications,
  • Spur line solution. Isolator for sensitive devices

Application stories

Starter kits


Eco Monitoring Kit

 Low-cost option for monitoring one PROFIBUS DP network/segment.

  • Head Station 1B,
  • 1-chan. standard repeater,
  • Fixed backplane unit.
Standard monitoring kit thumbnail101-200QBS

Standard Monitoring Kit

Recommended kit for monitoring one PROFIBUS DP network/segment with scope.

  • Head Station 1B,
  • 1-chan. SCOPE repeater,SCOPE logo thumbnail
  • Fixed backplane unit.

Advanced Monitoring Kit

Recommended kit for monitoring four PROFIBUS DP networks/segments with scope.

  • Head Station 1C,
  • SCOPE logo thumbnailFour SCOPE repeaters,
  • Fixed backplane unit.
 Fibre optic link kit thumbnail101-200QAFR

Fibre optic link kit

One channel DP/FO link with monitoring

  • Head Station 1B,
  • 1-chan. standard repeater,
  • 2-chan. fibre-optic link,
  • Fixed backplane unit.

RS485-IS monitoring Kit

One DP RS485-IS segment monitoring

  • Head Station 1B
  • RS 485-IS module
  • Fixed backplane unit
Basic thumbnail101-200QBXR

RS485-IS repeater monitoring Kit

DP RS485-IS repeater with monitoring

  • Head Station 1B
  • 1-chan repeater
  • RS 485-IS module
  • Fixed backplane unit

PA Monitoring Kit

Monitors one PROFIBUS PA segment with scope functionality.

  • Head Station 1B
  • SCOPE logo thumbnailPA coupler module
  • Fixed backplane unit
PA coupler monitoring kit thumbnail101-200QBPR

PA Coupler Kit

Transparent high-speed DP/PA coupler with monitoring and dual scope functionality.

  • Head Station 1B
  • 1CH repeater
  • SCOPE logo thumbnailPA coupler module
  • Fixed backplane unit

Foundation Fieldbus std. monitoring kitMonitors one FF segment with SCOPE functionality

  • Head Station 1B
  • SCOPE logo thumbnailFF monitoring SCOPE module
  • Fixed backplane unit

FF advanced monitoring kit

Monitors four FF segments with SCOPE functionality

  • Head Station 1C
  • SCOPE logo thumbnailFour FF SCOPE modules
  • Fixed backplane unit

COMbricks Modules

Head station module thumbnail101-20011A
Head Station Type 1A
Basic web server.
No ProfiTrace OE
Head station module thumbnail101-20011B
Head Station Type 1B
OE Monitoring for 1 network
Head station module thumbnail101-20011C
Head Station Type 1C
ProfiTrace OE Monitoring for 4 networks
1-channel repeater thumbnail101-201101
1-channel repeater
Monitoring without ‘scope functionality
2-channel repeater thumbnail101-201102
2-channel repeater
Monitoring without ‘scope
scope repeater thumbnail101-201210
SCOPE repeater
Oscilloscope and bargraph
SCOPE logo thumbnail
SALT repeater thumbnail101-201710
SALT repeater
Adjustable termination
SCOPE logo thumbnail
2-channel fibre module thumbnail101-201510
2-channel fibre-optic
Redundancy option
RS485 IS repeater thumbnail101-201410
DP RS485-IS module
Intrinsic safety on DP
PA module thumbnail101-201610
Oscilloscope and bargraph
SCOPE logo thumbnail
FOUNATION Module Thumbnail101-201610
Fieldbus Module
SCOPE logo thumbnail
PROFINET IO Thumbnail101-220110
DP Slave Thumbnail101-220210
4-CH Relay Thumbnail101-210210
4 Channel
Relay Module
5 A – 230 VAC
8-CH DO Thumbnail101-210110
8 Channel
Digital Out
0.5 A – 24 VDC
Power Module Thumbnail101-230010
Power Module
6 A – 24 VDC
Backplane +1sub Thumb101-200012
HS + 1 SubFits: 1 Head Station and 1 regular module
Extendible with standard backplane units
SPARE PART (already included with the Head Stations)
Backplane +2sub Thumb101-200023
HS + 2 SubFits: 1 Head Station and 2 regular modules
Extendible with standard backplane units
Improved durability
Backplane +3sub Thumb101-200024
HS + 3 SubFits: 1 Head Station and 3 regular modules
Extendible with standard backplane units
Improved durability
Backplane +6sub Thumb101-200027
HS + 6 SubFits: 1 Head Station and 6 regular modules
Extendible with standard backplane units
Improved durability