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Leaflets & Documents for Training & Consultancy

VTC Technical Guidelines

  • PROFIBUS Installation Guide V13.0
    The latest release of VTC’s Installation guide for PROFIBUS giving essential and useful information on PROFIBUS DP and PA network layout, installation and testing of wiring
  • Bits Bytes Binary and Hex
    Introduction to how computers and PLCs handle data. Recommended preliminary reading material in preparation for those taking the Certified PROFIBUS and PROFINET Engineer courses.

VTC Tutorials

  • Introduction to Fieldbus – Basic introduction covering the characteristics, benefits and pitfalls of fieldbus systems.
  • Why we need a PROFIBUS analyser – Tutorial discussing the problems we find on PROFIBUS and other high-speed networks
  • What can I do with ProfiTrace Ultra – Tutorial showing some of the really worthwhile things you can do with ProfiTrace.
  • ProfiTrace OPC exercise – Practical exercise describing how to set up the ProfiTrace OPC server for use with Endress+Hausers P-View SCADA package.
  • ProfiTrace DTM exercise – Practical exercise describing how to use the ProfiTrace ComDTM in conjunction with Endress+Hauser’s FieldCare FDT package.
  • Three term controller tuning – Document describing three different practical methods for tuning three term (PID) controllers.
  • Salt & Pepper application note – Application note explaining how to use Procentec’s SALT and PEPPER modules to enable non-standard cables to be used on PROFIBUS DP (RS485) segments.


  • TransmissionLine – This free application runs on Windows™ platforms. The program simulates a transmission line (PROFIBUS cable) and shows the voltage and current along the cable as signals pass from one end to the other. Terminations can be varied at each end to show the reflections that occur when the termination resistance does not match the characteristic impedance of the cable. Please note that this application can be used by individuals, companies and educational institutes. However, the software is owned by Verwer Training & Consultancy Ltd. and is protected by copyright © 2008-2015.


The latest manuals for the Procentec products (ProfiTrace, ProfiHub, COMbricks etc.) can be downloaded from the Procentec web site.


  • ProfiTrace – The PROFIBUS network analyser, fault-finding, health-checking and testing tool
  • ProfiHubs – A range of multi-channel repeaters for PROFIBUS DP.


From PROFIBUS, PROFINET and IO_LINK event held at MTC in Coventry on 25 February 2016: