Verwer Training & Consultancy Ltd provides internationally accredited, manufacturer-independent training and consultancy for modern automation and control systems. In particular we offer on-site Certified PROFIBUS training. This training is aimed at Installers, Commissioning Engineers, Maintenance Technicians, Design Engineers and Project Engineers. We also offer training for Actuator Sensor Interface (AS-i), Open PLC programming (based on IEC61131-3) and Three-term (PID) controller tuning, optimisation and implementation. All our training is very practical, with attendees working in pairs with their own equipment and laptop computer (supplied). Explore our training courses.

VTC is in the process of handing over training and consultancy to Control Specialists Ltd. CSL have been working with VTC for the past three years to ensure a smooth and seamless transition. VTC and CSL are working together for a while yet providing training and consultancy. This transition will allow Andy and Patricia Verwer to retire from the business and hopefully enjoy a well-earned rest.

Verwer Training & Consultancy Ltd is:

  • – A member of the UK PROFIBUS Group
  • – An accredited PROFIBUS International Training Centre
  • – A member of PLCOpen, the IEC61131-3 international user orgainisation.

All our training is practically based and includes extensive hands-on activities, using modern equipment and software. The training uses extensive examples and case studies drawn from real experience in a wide variety of industries.

VTC staff have extensive experience of system design, fault-finding and health-checking on a wide range of modern automation and control systems. Fault-finding on high-speed networked systems can be very tricky, particularly where the faults are intermittent. Specialist tools and techniques are required that provide protocol and waveform analysis. Site visits can normally be arranged at short notice to provide diagnosis of communication and peripheral faults.

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