New Hubs with ProfiTrace monitoring
This is my site Written by Andy Verwer on 23 April 2015 – 9:51 am

Wouldn’t it be great if your repeaters are also providing you with ProfiTrace information?

This is now possible with the certified ProfiHub B5+RD. It’s a transparent repeater hub with integrated PROFIBUS DP slave to forward diagnostic data to your PLC or DCS system.

PROFIBUS B5+RDAll you require is the GSD file of the hub and set the bus address of the ProfiHub. After you have switched on the power supply it will continuously monitor the repeater channels and transmit it to the PLC.

As a result, engineers can effectively detect PROFIBUS faults and find solutions more promptly because the network components are collecting data from the field which can be centrally analysed.

The ProfiHub B5+RD is a member of the PROCENTEC ProfiHub family. It’s a solid network component providing a reliable solution for spur lines, tree and star structures in PROFIBUS DP networks.

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