ProfiSwitch X5 – 5 Channel Customizable Baudrate Hub
This is my site Written by Andy Verwer on 30 December 2014 – 10:18 am

The new ProfiSwitch X5 outclasses all existing repeaters and hubs in the PROFIBUS market. This transparent hub has the ability to use different bit rate on each channel.  Normally, the transmission speed is fixed and becomes an obstacle when PROFIBUS segments require their individual speed setting because of design requirements or bug fixing.

ProfiSwitchThe advanced technology of the ProfiSwitch X5 converts the main channel to other transmission speeds and acts as a transparent proxy (comparable with PA links). All channels are set to 5 retries for improved reliability. The ProfiSwitch X5 can be used in new applications and existing installations that require bit rate reduction and transformation.

See the ProfiSwitch X5 page for more information. Or the general Hubs, Repeaters and Terminators page for other options

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