Tenth successful training trip to Australia
This is my site Written by Andy Verwer on 5 December 2011 – 3:29 pm

VTC has just completed a tenth PROFIBUS training tour in conjunction with The PROFIBUS Association of Australia.

Since 2007 Andy Verwer has been regularly working in conjunction with the Association delivering certified installer and engineer training across Australia. A total of 355 Certified Installers and 113 Certified Engineers have been trained across Australia and New Zealand under this collaborative venture.

The latest tour held in November covered Perth, Melbourne and Brisbane and saw 55 Installers and 17 Engineers successfully complete their certification.

Certain industries have identified these certified training courses as a key to achieving well designed and installed PROFIBUS systems. For example, the water supply industry within Australia has adopted the Certified PROFIBUS Installer as the minimum requirement for staff and contractors who work on PROFIBUS systems.

The mining industry in Australia has seen phenomenal growth over the past few years, again this industry has adopted the certified training as a way of ensuring the newly installed systems are reliable and provide features that allow rapid health checking and fault location. Commissioning and maintenance staff complete an additional day of trouble shooting and health checking training where they learn to use modern tools to check and diagnose problems on working networks. A one-day System Design course has been developed especially for engineers who are involved with the design and specification of automation and control systems. This additional course deals with the optimum design of networked control systems highlighting many of the common pitfalls that system designers should be aware of.

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