Free Transmission Line Simulator available
This is my site Written by Andy Verwer on 29 June 2009 – 11:24 pm

We are pleased to be able to offer a free download of a simple little application that simulates a transmission line (i.e. a long PROFIBUS cable).

The simulation runs on Windows XP and Vista and can be used to visualize the signals as they pass along the cable. You can also study reflections and see waht happens when the end of line terminator doesn’t match the cable characteristic impedance.

Go to the downloads page to find the application as a zipped installation file (only 5.5Mb). Unzip the files and run “setup” to install the application. There is no help file yet but it should be fairly obvious what the buttons do. Eventually we will update the application to allow stub lines and different cable characteristics to be used. In the mean time have a play and see what goes on inside the cable.

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